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I have attempted to use a variety of methods to test and enhance reading comprehension, as well as an understanding of writing techniques: characterization, imagery, dialogue, etc. Feel free to alter or edit these study guides to meet classroom requirements. Suggestions are always welcome!

The Freedom RunThe Freedom Run

The Liberty CircleThe Liberty Circle

Let's face it, there's a lot of junky sites out there. These aren't them. Checked and culled and updated and all that jazz in January, 2013.
Britannica. The world's best-known encyclopedia is now online, the ideal resource for that homework project. The site contains the complete, updated Encyclopędia Britannica plus many other resources in an ad-free site. Full access is by payment; however, the prices are not unreasonable given the extent of what's available. An amusement park of mathematics, designed for the pure enjoyment of math (good luck with that). Includes links for both students and teachers.
Factmonster. Has an atlas, almanac, dictionary, encyclopedia, and much more. A good source for information for homework study or for the just plain curious.
How Stuff Works. A great place to come to learn about how things work in the world around you. Go inside a smoke detector, dissect your telephone, find out how Christmas works, or time, rainbows, solar cells...
Yuckiest Site on the Internet. (Sadly, this seems to have been nuked by Discovery. I really hope they bring it back, it was utterly cool.) Extra kudos to this site for making me feel like a kid again! Aimed at younger surfers, this one still packs a wallop that will horrify older teens and adults. Check out "Gross and Cool Body", which answers questions you always wanted to know about certain functions of the human body, but were too grossed out to ask. Actually, a very cool and useful site, boldly, colourfully, and intelligently done!

Books and Reading
Canadian Children's Book Centre. The CCBC promotes and encourages the reading, writing and illustrating of Canadian children's books.
CANSCAIP. The Canadian Society of Children's Authors, Illustrators, and Performers. A group of professionals in the field of children's culture with members from all parts of Canada.
Project Gutenberg. Many of the world's classic novels are available right over the Internet, legally free, delivered right to your screen. From Dickens to Mark Twain, Aristotle to Jules Verne, here are the complete texts of the original novels! Might come in real handy when that essay is due and you can't find your copy of Hamlet...
Saskatchewan Writers Guild. The Saskatchewan Writers Guild database of writers. Browse by author or search by author, title, availability, etc. Quite an amazing place this is, writer-wise.
Sherlockian Holmepage. Everything you wanted to know about Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street, including links to sites with pictures, sound bites, even the original books and stories!

Teen Life
Teen Missions International. Readers of The Freedom Run might find this one interesting. Here is a real-life Christian organization similar to the one in "Freedom", that sends teens on overseas missions. Check it out...there are teams you can join all over the planet!

Seti Screensaver. SETI@home is a scientific experiment that will harness the power of hundreds of thousands of Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). You can participate by running a program that downloads and analyses radio telescope data. Little green men not included.
Music, Movies & Media
Jam Showbiz: The Canadian Pop Encyclopedia. Whether it's rock, rap, country or whatever, this site has it all! Discographies, biographies, photos and links to your favourite stars, from the Justin Bieber to Drake to Arcade Fire to...
Internet Movie Database. Probably the largest, most detailed database of movies you will find anywhere. If you haven't used this yet, what are you waiting for? Contains every Maltin review just for starters. Find out where a movie (or TV show) was made, who directed it, what alternative endings there are, what other films the actors starred in...the level of detail is unbelievable. My favourite features: Trivia and Goofs.
Spooky Stuff
St. Louis Ghost Train. The ghost train has been a part of St. Louis, Saskatchewan for as long as anyone can remember. When the rail line was abandoned and the tracks removed years ago, some thought the phenomenon would end. It didn't...
St. Louis Ghost Train Light...Explained! Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the woods. Here lies the tale of Yours Truly, the author himself, tramping through countryside the Blair Witch wouldn't touch, in search of the elusive light. Is it real? Or is it something else? And what did I just step in?
Silly But Fun
Love Calculator. Strictly for fun. Are you compatible with the one you long for? Take this test and find out! Good for one laugh or several.
Make-a-Flake. Remember those round snowflakes you made in school? Now you can try out designs without using up precious paper! It took me a couple of trys to figure out just how this worked - and now I'm hooked. Go there. Make snowflakes, and put 'em in the gallery. I dare you to make just one. And if you need inspiration...just check out some of the 27,000,000+ that have been made so far!

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