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School Presentations

This is an important part of what I do: getting out there and making contact with my readers. I've been fortunate enough to have read at schools and libraries across the west...and I'd love to do the same at yours! I am available for both readings and workshops.

My past experience includes a stint as prose editor of Windscript ("the magazine of Saskatchewan high school writing"). I have twice been keynote speaker at the Sage Hill Teen Writing Experience in Saskatoon, and I had the pleasure recently of being a guest writer at the Saskatchewan Reading Council Conference in Regina.

Typically, readings are 40-70 minutes in length, depending on how the school day is divided. I have read for grades 5 to 12, though grades 7 and up is most appropriate for my work. (This will change soon, as I expect to be producing work for younger readers as well in the future.) The format includes the reading of excerpts from my work, a talk about how I came to be a writer, and question and answer sessions. The students pretty much decide how much there is of each, and in what order.

Workshops, of course, take a little longer - two to three hours at least. My approach varies on these, as I am always looking for new ways to make writing an enjoyable experience for students. I am frequently amazed by the quality of their work. I'm certain I've met many future writers already!

My fees for readings follow industry standards, and are set at $150 (plus mileage). The school only needs to pay part of this if it takes advantage of the Saskatchewan Writers Guild's generous readings program - see here for details. For workshops, I charge $200 (plus mileage).

Feel free to contact me at any time for more details...I'd love to hear from you!

Phil reading at Carlyle King Library, Saskatoon